Cuckold wife train journey

Hi I am 32 yr old male from Delhi and my wife is 4 yr younger to me at 28 and we are happily married for past 6 years . We both have a perfectly satisfying sexual life and we love to experiment in love making. We by nature are voyeur’s and love to show. The particular instance I am going to write about is a plan we chalked out for past 6 months then we thought of acting on it

.This incident occurred October 2000. To plan our bravado , I used to go regularly to the station as to check which train’s general compartment is rather more filled than usual. After thorough inspection and deciding upon various trains. We decided upon vaishali express, it was always filled with lots of people going to UP and Bihar.

On 7th October 2000 we decided to take the action and board the train. For this exciting journey I had bought one top and silk skirt falling just below her knees. She wore the dress that I had bought. It was really breathtaking as silk skirt was making her curves look ravishing and she was not wearing panty underneath so the fall of the material was very smooth and fell perfectly on her 34-26-38 figure.

I knew our plan was going to succeed tonight. We went to the new Delhi railway station and reached there around 3.30 P.M , we had to take a general class ticket till Lucknow as that train reached lucknow in the morning and we planned to alight the train there and then return back by flight.

My wife said she would like to stand in the line to purchase the ticket. She was standing in the line and I had gone to purchase some ice creams and other items for our journey. When I returned I saw there was a rugged looking man in may be in his early 20’s standing behind my wife , he was almost pushing himself against my wife’s hip. I maintained some distance from there and watched their movements.

This man on some or other pretext was constantly pushing himself against her hip and my wife was not objecting or moving she was enjoying the experience. After purchasing the ticket when she came back I asked her what happened, She told that this man had got himself a big hard on and he was constantly poking and rubbing his cock from behind.

It was already 5 we had to move to the platform from where the train was to start. We reached there and selected a compartment with lights taken out from the certain portion to go in. there was as expected lot of rush there , After reaching the compartment we searched for space. We decided to sit on the upper birth as you know in general compartment it has two long births and chair type side birth.

We sat opposite to each other , I was sitting like that so that I can see quite well how our plan went and how my wife was doing . So now in details , We pulled ourselves over the birth pretending we don’t know each other this we had agreed before starting our journey). on the opposite birth there were 3 men already sitting . My wife sat between two men .

One was maybe in his late 50’s and another one was also in his late 30’s , what we came to know from their discussion that they were hawkers in Delhi and were returning home. I could see many people sitting on the lower birth trying to peek under my wife’s skirt and all the eyes were ogling her. But for the time being she was being straight and was sitting well enough that her skirt covered her well enough.

After about 3 hours of train leaving the station , it became bit dark outside and the lights were dimming inside too , Now it was time for us to start our plan. In the mean time the two guys that were sitting beside my wife on some or other pretext touched her , sometime while passing some fruits to the other guy and things like that.

Now it became even darker inside so that I couldn’t see what was happening in front of me. Well I have to wait until tomorrow to hear what happened on the other side as I couldn’t see. After seeing this situation I thought I can’t see the ongoing things so better I should look for a different place where I can find something for me.

Well I scurried through the compartment and at one place there was a elderly couple with their daughter. I thought this is the best place for me to sit. I asked them to shift a bit and sat beside the girl. Due to lack of space my whole right side part was touching her left thigh , arms and other. After some time I gently placed my hand between my thigh and her thigh. and started caressing her thighs .

She didn’t protested and this made me bolder and started moving my hand behind her back I started caressing her buttocks squeezing and caressing them. but I couldn’t do more than that as there was bit of light on this side. Next day when we reached lucknow.

There was still 12 hours in our flight, so we booked a room in a cheap hotel , Once in hotel I asked her what happened . I will narrate her story as in first person . Her Story Whole time those men were brushing against my breast on pretext of passing things , I didn’t object this made them even bolder especially the older man he was bolder than the younger man. he was sitting on left side. When it became dark.

The older man’s boldness grew and at times by folding his hands he would prod my breast with his arm and keep it their pretending that there was no space that’s why it was happening , I didn’t discouraged him or said any word this made him even bolder and now his arms were constantly in touch with my breast, he was gently moving his hand up and down in motion of caressing my breast.

Even when he didn’t found objection while prodding and caressing with his arm he grew even bolder and put his left palm on my breast and rested it their with bit nervousness. To encourage him further I pushed my breast a bit into his palm ,this was a sure indication to him that I was willing for his advances. He started caressing my breast over the material of my top, then slowly he moved his palm down on my stomach and caressed a bit and lingered his hand over there for some time may be he was picking up the courage to do what he was to do.

His palm moved a bit lower and his finger started lingering over my pubic hair portion , he could make out that I was not wearing anything underneath. he started caressing from the top of my cloth and rubbing my pubic hairs, I started getting moist down there. The other guy must have been viewing this action of ours he also got the courage and rested his palm on my breast and now the older guys was fingering me over the material of my skirt and the younger one was caressing my breast.

The older guy was having more courage as he pushed his hand under my skirt and now his fingers were touching my naked vagina and bringing me into frenzy , the other guy was still massaging my breast over my blouse , I was getting hotter , I held his hand and pushed it under my blouse , he made a squeaking sound as in astonishment on my action but I was beyond caring. they were now caressing me at the two most private part of me.

The older man took my hand and guided toward his fully erect cock , it was real hot and I started caressing his cock and with other hand I took the other guys cock. now I was getting hotter by the moment as I had never ever had sex with anyone neither anyone except my husband had touched my naked flesh. And here two men , totally stranger were touching my most private parts. I was getting moist between my legs as the older guy was fingering me.

Suddenly the younger guy took his palm away from my breast and was now pushing his hand in my skirt too , he started rubbing my clitoris and this was too much for me as I got gigantic orgasm. I bend a bit toward the older man’s lap , he held my hair and pushed my head hard on his cock , I opened my mouth and took his cock in my mouth he again jerked my head into his lap all of his cock went in my mouth and my lips were brushing against his lush hair growth of pubic area.

Now he pulled my hair a bit motioning me to lift my head a bit then with one hand he grabbed my hair again and other hand he put on the birth to support him. He started fucking my mouth it was amazing in the meanwhile the other guy has pushed my skirt up to my waist and was caressing my buttock he caressed all of my behind then pushed his finger in my vagina with one finger he was rubbing my clitoris and with other he was fingering me.

It was really sensational as there was no light so I was sure everybody would be knowing that something is going on but they wouldn’t be able to see what. The older guys cock was fucking my mouth and I felt that he was about to come as his thrust were becoming faster and faster. suddenly he jerked and shot load of his cum in my throat , I swallowed all of his cum and blew him dry leaving not even a single drop fall anywhere.

I did the same thing to the other guy and meanwhile the older guy was fingering me , I orgasmed again . Then I asked them whether we could go to toilet as we could not have sex their , we all climbed down and went toward the toilet and went inside bolting the door shut, The space was very cramp and it was like doing gymnastic in having sex their. I pulled down my skirt and took off my blouse.

They were seeing my naked body for the first time as their was light in the toilet , I heard gasp from the two of them , I have a beautiful body without any blemish. A firm breast. I asked them to take off their pants they too took their pants off then I knelt down on them and alternating between both of them again gave them a blow job and sucked and swallowed their come.

After that the older guy lifted me and put me down on the basin ( he was dominating the scene) and positioned himself between my legs. He had absolutely no trouble in finding my vaginal opening , he gave a large thrust with one hand he held my hair again and pulled my head back toward the mirror and started pounding me and thrusting me he was filling me completely.

After few moments of thrusting he screeched and came into me dropping his cum in me. Then it was the turn of other guy he also took me. I started to feel my 3rd orgasm build and both of us orgasmed almost at the same time. he too spend into me leaving my vagina with dripping cams of those two guys.

It was really stupendous experience , we got back to our birth and sat their . During the rest of journey they always had their hand on me caressing and pinching my each and every part. We had good time whole night and in morning I alighted the train and that was it . Here her story ends Well after hearing the story from her in the hotel room I really got very horny and we had extended session of love making lasting nearly 6 hours that was one of the best session that I had with my wife. We will try some other method in future and as soon as that happens I will post you our story.