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I would like to share one more of my mother’s sex encounter with you people. It is not a recent but I remember it very clearly. It happened when I was studing in 9th standard. I was enjoying my summer vacations with my friends and cousins, when I came to know that my mom is going for a workshop organized by the school where she was teaching. It was a two three days work shop in a remote place called Somatane near Mumbai pune road.

My dad was in Germany for a project at that time, so he forced me to go along with mom. We traveled by bus till the place comes and then the rest journey of around 8 km, we traveled by a 6 sitter auto, till we reach a school surrounded only by farms and mountains. There were total 20 persons for the workshop and the arrangement was done in school itself.

My mother and the lady peon of that school were the only females there and rest all of them men. The first day was so boring, as there were no tv no other things to do except pin drop silence. Next morning, I was sleeping, but could feel mom getting ready to go to the workshop. She has to go there by 9am, but it was 7 when she went out wearing her nighty.

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I was surprised, and qurious, so I followed her and in the end found her in the bushes doing her morning shit program. I was behind her and could she her round naked ass shining is dim light. I thought, she was alone there and waited there watching her ass and thinking some nasty things about her like fucking her nude in bushes and all.

Suddenly I heard some whisper and fount one of the local man, who also came there to shit (I guessed, as he was having tumrel in his hand) watching her from near by bush. He was so concentrated on her that he couldn’t even noticed my presence. His pants were down to knees and he was sitting down with a rock hard dick pointing towards my mother.

He could not resist himself for a long and ran towards my mom. In a jerk, he grabbed her and got hold on her. He was quite aroused and without wasting time, he inserted his dick in mom’s cunt. She was in the position that she couldn’t scream, as other might think why she went out when she could have done her program inside.

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Slowly she reduced the resistance to his act and started moaning slowly. By listening to her moans the man got more aroused and started fucking her more and more wild. They continued for around 5 minutes until he filled mom’s cunt with load of his cum.

Then he lied on mom’s body. Mom was pissed of and said, “harami, khud itna jaldi aaya, aur meri pyas kon buzayega?” he was quite shocked, even I was to here such words from her mouth.
He said, “Sali rand, tere pudi ki pyas buzane tera pati hai na”
Mom, “uska lund to ungli ke barabar bhi nahi hai. Tumhara lund bahut bada hai,. Teri bibi ki to halat hoti hogi roj raat.”

Man, “bibi aur uski maa, dono ki chudai karta hu, lekin yaha nahi, gaon me.”
Then I realized he is a bhaiya from UP.
Man, “tu aaj raat ko aana yahipe. Sath me pudi ke liye tel (oil)leke aana chudne ke liye.”
Mom, “yaha nahi kahi aur bol jahape ham raat gujar sake.”
Man, “thik hai fir, mere malik ke tabele pe aana, khet ke us paar.”

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Mom, “lekin tumhara malik?”
Man, “wo raat ko nahi aata waha pe. Aur agar aa gaya to wo bhi khayega meri rakhel ko.” Then both of them moved from there. I hurriedly went to room and acted as if I am sleeping. She came in the room after half and hour after taking bath and redy fro the seminar.

She came back by 8 pm and then hurriedly served the dinner for both of us. She was so fast and then she forced me to sleep. After an hour, she confirmed that I am sleeping and left of the room. I very carefully followed her she went near his tabela. It was just a grass shed with one feet walls on three sides.

Man, “aa rand, dekh, tere liye mene bed banaya hai.”
Mom, “ye ghass ka bed!”
Man, “me jake kuch pineka bandobast karta hu, tab tak tu aapne saab kapde utarke nangi naha aur ye pehen.”
He handed her a transparent sari to wear and left.

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A lantern was lit enough for me to see, inch and inch of her sexy body. She was standing looking towards the side when he went and as he disappered in the dark, she started removing her cloths one by one and in a moment, she was naked in the farm in front of me. I was so hard that I came in my pants.

She took a bath in the scented water he made from her and then wore the sari, which hardly covers her round big buttocks and erected nipples.
When he came back, he was drunk and was caring one more bottle of liquor with him. He served mom few pegs, when she was high, they started smooching. With one hand he was holding mom and with other he was pinching her nipples and playing with her boobs.

He then slowly removed her sari and made her naked. Them himself became naked and started playing with her cunt. He inserted his finger inside and played with her until she had her first orgasm. Then he put his dick in her mouth and asked her to lick the tip. It became harder than morning and he shot in her mouth. but his dick was still hard as it was. Both of them kissed and shared his cum.

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Later on they were playing for some time and then he fucked her in her cunt for almost 45 minutes. Don’t know, how many times she had orgasm, but what I could hear was loud moans of my mom. At last he came to his climax and shot load of cum in her cunt. They had few more pegs and one more time they had sex, but not for a long time and he put his cum all over her ass.

This became a daily practice for them. Every night, mom used to go to him and get fucked. Even after the workshop days were over, she told all of them, that both of us will stay here as the place is very good and to which I nodded with yes. The day others went back to their homes. Mom and me used to be alone at the school after 8pm.

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This lasted for 8 days. On that day, she started moving towards the tabela and in the road she stopped for pee. I was so confident about her plan, that I went ahead to the place, but I found the owner around there and the bhaiya was not around. When I came back, mom was already in the room and I think she understood that I followed her and saw her with the man.
She didn’t asked me anything, but I myself told her that I was gone to the loo.

We slept that night and very next day we went back to our home. Exactly after nine months I got a baby sister. Now she is 12 years old. I could see some of the bhaiyas features in her but mostly she looks like my mom.
My dad was very happy to see a baby girl as both of them were trying since a long time, but god, I wish he too could have seen her like a whore fucking the big dick man she loved.

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