Experience with hot classmate

Hi, I am a regular reader of desi-stories and I always wished that I should have such a beautiful life as these people writing the stories have. But I didn’t have to wait too long. Because in the last few months, I too had a wonderful experience which I’m going to tell you all. It all began when I joined a new college after completing my 12th std. I was 19.

I was a new guy and gradually made friendship with my classmates. Among them were a few girls, out of which I was attracted to 1 girl particularly. Her name was Sanyukta. She was a sex bomb of our college. But I being very open-minded, enjoyed a good friendship with her. Soon we became very good friends. We used to bunk the lectures and go to movies and Beaches etc… We were just enjoying good friendship.

One day our group decided to go to a Water park in our city. We all agreed and went there the next day. That day, a few people were there in the park, except for our group. Sanyukta had bought a swim suit with her. But when I saw her in the swim suit, I was surprised to see just a two piece bikini. From that day my intentions for Sanyukta changed and I decided that I will one day definitely fuck her till my heart is satisfied.

So on seeing her semi-nude in the 2 piece bikini, my cock started to salute her. Although I wore my underwear under my swim suit I could not hide the erection of my thick long cock on seeing her. Sanyukta noticed this, but pretended that she did not notice it. Throughout that day I kept on staring at her boobs(as large as melons) and her shapely ass and her camel-toe.

This continued even when we were having lunch. She was sitting besides me that time and after some time when everyone was busy chatting, she put her palm on my cock and gave it a squeeze. OHHHH! My god I was out of this world for those 2 minutes. I understood her signal and whispered her that let us escape from this group for some time. She obeyed and we simply escaped to a lonely area of the water park.

Immediately I started kissing her all over her body. She stopped me and told me let’s go to the shower. I followed her to the shower. There we kissed each other passionately and I caressed her boobs (from over her bikini) and asked her to remove the top. But she refused and told me not here and we should return back to the group. Nothing much happened that day.

Next day in the college, I sat in the bench behind her and started pressing her ass with my knees. She responded by pressing her ass towards my knees and revolving her butts . I went on further and pressed her ass with my palms and squeezed them. She moaned lightly. In the next lecture we changed our positions and sat beside each other on the last bench. After a few minutes she put her hand on my thigh and gradually moved towards my growing cock. She again squeezed it a little and massaged it from top of my pant .

I too moved my hand on her thigh and massaged her pussy from top of her skirt. This was the last lecture. When we were leaving I told Sanyukta that I wanted her badly!!!! She gave me a horny smile and told me to come with her. I followed her to a house which I came to know was her friend’s house. On entering the house I immediately started kissing her all over her face and started removing her t-shirt. Wow !! Those boobs looked fantastic from her transparent bra!!! I released those melons from that bra and started pressing them and sucking her nipples. Mmmmmmhhhh mmmmhhh ooohhhhh were her moans.

She was highly aroused and stopped me and opened my pants and started sucking my cock .I was in heaven with that feeling. Believe me she seemed to be a professional hungry sucker. I shot my 1st load of cum all over her face and boobs which she massaged over her body like a sun tan lotion. But she was still highly excited and started removing my clothes. I was now completely nude before her and I made her nude too.

Hungry as ever, she started sucking my nipples. This was a new lesson I learnt from her. This brought me again to excitation and my limp cock again started shaking. Noticing this she started sucking, moaning, licking my cock and my balls. She occasionally gave my cock a bite or a tight squeeze!!! Oh god! She was driving me wild .I decided to fuck this horny slut in a manner that she’ll always remember me not only while fucking, but also while masturbating throughout her life.

I tied her hand to the bed and spread open her legs and took my position in her pussy. And with one hardest stroke I breaked open through her pussy. She yelled like any thing but told me to carry on as she loved hard fuckers. I kept on moving in and out in fast strokes. She came in a few time and almost at that time I removed my cock from her pussy and shot my load all over her body. Immediately we took a 69 position and she licked my cock dry while I enjoyed licking her pussy juices. We both were completely tired and I lost all my stamina. She was looking very happy. This continued for next 4 years of my graduation.