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I’ve always been a keen photographer and I dearly wanted to take pictures of my wife in the nude as she has a really fantastic figure, but alas she’s always refused. An old friend of mine came to stay with us for a fortnight and Ritu seemed to take quite a shine to him. Two days before he was due to leave us he brought home a gift for Ritu. It was a very see-through nightie in black silk. She was thrilled with her gift and jokingly I suggested that she put it on and model it for us, adding that I’d take some photos.

To my sheer amazement, she agreed and disappeared into the bedroom. I couldn’t believe that she would go through with it, but I set up my photographic equipment all the same. She came in looking stunning, but I noticed that she was wearing a skimpy bra and panties beneath the nightie. Ravi told her how stunning she looked and I took a few photos as she turned around, posing. I think she was getting quite a thrill from showing off her semi-naked body to both of us and struck some rather suggestive poses.

It was Ravi who commented that the underwear rather spoiled the effect and the photos would be that much better if she took them off. I really expected Ritu to be offended, but instead she agreed and said that if we turned our backs she’d take them off. With our backs turned we heard the rustles as she took off her underwear, then she asked us how she looked. We both turned round and my mouth dropped as I saw my wife posing in front of us. I could see her lovely breasts and the hard nipples clearly through the sheer material, also the outline of her furry pussy.

I could hear Ravi gasp as he took in her loveliness and though she was blushing there was a mischievous gleam in her eyes. I took some more photos and then suggested that she should have a few photos taken with Ravi for him to take home as a souvenir of his visit. To my amazement she agreed and sat down on his lap, her head resting on his shoulder.

The nightie had fallen open and her legs and belly were completely exposed as I took some more photos. I saw his hand move and then it was resting over her pubic mound. She wriggled but didn’t open her eyes, even though it was obvious to me that his fingers were sliding up and down the folds of her pussy making them open.

Shaking with excitement I went on taking photos, even though I could see his middle finger slip deep inside her cunt. He looked at me and seeing that I was taking photos and seemingly not bothered about what he was doing to my wife, he bent his head and after undoing the nightie started sucking her nipples. She moaned and I saw her shivering but she did nothing to stop him.

I don’t know how I managed to control myself enough to keep on clicking away, but I did as he sank to his knees and parting her thighs started tonguing the cunt he’d already aroused with his fingers. She was moaning very loudly as his tongue dug out her clitoris and started teasing it until she shuddered into a really wild orgasm.

Meanwhile he’d taken his clothes off and revealed a cock very much larger than mine, fully erect. He placed it at the entrance to her pussy and it looked so much bigger and thicker than mine that I almost asked him to stop in case he hurt her, but the words died on my lips as he gently eased his prick into her hole, and as she felt it sliding thickly inside her she raised her arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer.

From the expression on her face I could see that she was loving having that huge prick cleaving into her. Recovering a bit, I started clicking away, capturing on film my wife’s unfaithfullness. As he rammed his cock more and more forcibly into her she started climaxing and her nails clawed his back as her legs circled his waist.

I couldn’t stand it any longer and off came my trousers and I slipped out of the rest of my clothes just as speedily and when he withdrew his wet cock I rammed my cock into the steaming wet cauldron other cunt and slammed in and out like a man possessed. I could have only lasted two minutes or so, so excited was I, before I shot my spunk to join his in her grasping cunt.

Gasping for breath I withdrew my spent, shiny wet dwindling cock and stood up, intending to get myself a drink. I poured a generous measure of scotch and when I turned round I was amazed to see that they were at it again. She had her head on the sofa while being on her knees, with her lovely rounded bottom thrust upwards. He was kneeling behind her, his prick, which was hard again, nudging her pussy.

Quickly I grabbed the camera and started clicking away as his cock, greatly helped by all the spunk, slid into her cunt. I could hear the squelching noises as it slid back and forth and each time it came out I could see that it was covered with a mixture of spunk and pussy juices. I hoped the camera would capture the thrilling sight.

Her large tits were dangling, swaying in time to his cock-thrusts as his hand slipped under her and started tickling her clit. I kept clicking away while my wife was thrusting backwards and forwards in rhythm with his thrusts while she begged him to fuck her even harder, yelling that she was coming again and that she’d never been fucked so well.

He lasted a very long time and she had many orgasms before finally he deposited a second load of spunk in her cunt. She collapsed on the carpet with her legs spread and I could see the juices running out of her cunt onto the carpet. I took some really horny shots of this. We were all exhausted by that time so we called it a night, but to my immense surprise she joined Ravi in his bed and I slept alone. I was too tired to mind and was asleep in seconds.

I woke up in the morning to strange sounds and when I went to investigate I found my wife on top of Ravi, riding him for all she was worth while his hands mauled her breasts. I left them at it and went downstairs and made us all breakfast, amazed that I was so casual about another man fucking my wife and she being so eager.

They came down a while later and ate the breakfast I’d ppared. The photos are fantastic and so horny that when Ritu and I looked at them we ended up fucking our heads off. She is now so keen on posing that I’ve invited a number of sexy men around to pose with her and then, of course, fuck her silly while I look on.

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