Roommate helping breastfeeding nurse

I am Jasmin, married 32 years old and have one kid. This is not my story; this is the story of my dear friend –Reena, now she is working as a nurse in Dubai. Her husband and kid in Kerala. Reena is 25, and got a baby girl, She is medium size but well built, 5 ft 5 inches height, and had nice figure. After 3 months (90 days) of the delivery she went to Saudi, She was breastfeeding her kid when she was in Kerala.

When she reached Saudi, since, she was breastfeeding her kid in Kerala, her breasts started paining and the breasts were filling with milk. On the first day itself, she had a big problem with her breasts. She had to go to toilet several times and squeeze her breasts herself to remove the milk from it.

She had night duty on that week. While she was on duty, two / three times, she managed to remove the milk, but it was not possible to remove the milk every time, whenever it fills. This caused to overflow the milk from her breasts, which made her uniform wet in breast area.

That day, some how, she managed to reach her room by covering wetness of the uniform. Her roommate is a Philippine girl of 20, her name is Jane. When Reena reached their room, Jane was still in sleeping. Reena ran inside the toilet, removed her dress and started to squeeze her breasts vigorously to remove the milk from it. Milk started to flow from her breasts.

Suddenly, somebody knocked the toilet door.

Reena enquired: “Who is that?”

“Reena… It’s me,” Jane answered.

“OK, Jane.. I am coming out” : Reena replied.

Again and again Reena squeezed her breasts and removed as much as milk she can.

Reena came out from toilet, and Jane was waiting outside, because she was in hurry for her natural call. Jane went inside and she called. “Reenaaa… Come inside.. Have a look”.

Reena got worried and she looked, she didn’t clean the washbasin, the washbasin was covered with her breast milk.

“It’s OK, Reena.. I will clean it for you,” with a naughty smile she closed the door.

Reena got bit worried about, “What Jane think about it…and so on “.

After about half an hour Jane came out from the toilet, with a smile, she asked: “What happened Reena ???”.

Reena answered: “I am sorry for that, Jane”.

“It’s OK.” Jane replied, “So.. What happened to you ? You looked very much worried, Reena.. You can tell to me, if you have any problems, I will help you to solve it”.

With a hesitation Reena told her problem.

Reena told Jane,” The problem is, you know, I came back here after the delivery, now my breast is having lot of milk, I don’t know what to do. I squeezed and removed milk two/three times while on duty, now also I am having pain because it is full of milk. I need to make my breast empty, I don’t know what to do…”

Jane laughed at Reena and told her: “Reena… you fool.. We know each other for the last three years.. and if there is any problem we help each other..” by saying this Jane lifted Reena’s face and tapped on her cheek.”.

“What you will do..Jane??” Reena Asked.

Without answering, Jane unhooked Reena’s Uniform. When she unhooked front open uniform Jane saw, Reena’s bra were wet because of milk and breast was bulging on the sides of the bra.

Jane looked at Reena, Reena was standing like an innocent kid, who needs help miserably.

Jane unhooked Reena’s bra, the bra was so tight, as soon as breasts got freedom, both breasts jumped out.

Jane looked at the breasts, exclaimed and said, “Reena.. both your breast need sucking.. both are full of milk… I will do it for you”.

By saying this Jane put her lips on left breast and started to suck it. Reena’s breast was full of milk. Jane sucked and drunk her milk like a kid, the milk from her breast was flowing on the sideways of Jane’s lips.

Jane sucked and drunk both Reena’s breasts and made it empty. Reena was so happy, the pain in the breasts came down. Then Jane got lot of milk from Reena breasts and she didn’t go for breakfast, her stomach was full of Reena’s milk.

Jane told Reena: “Don’t waste your milk again…. I will drink all.. I love breast milk”. She continued: “Treat me like your baby, I will drink the milk whenever I need”.

Reena was very happy to hear that..

Jane sucks Reena’s breast every time when it got filled, both were really happy.

When Reena called me last week over the phone, I enquired about Jane, Reena told me, Jane is still drinks her milk two / three times everyday.