Teaching how to make good Sex

Hi all, I am Pallavi. (Name changed) I am narrating one of my experiences which I had faced when I am working in Hospital as a gynecologist. This is a true story which I am narrating from my life. I am 35 years old. I am not practicing for last 5 yrs. I am a mother of 2 kids. My Husband is also a doctor in Hyderabad. One morning, As I am one the way to the hospital. I received a phone call from my one of my relative. They had just married. I had gone for her marriage.

She knows me very well and me too. She is of an age of 23 and her husband of 27. Her name is Priya and her husband name is Rajeev. He is a computer engineer. He was very workaholic and bright in studies. He was a rank holder in Pre degree. Priya is now a house wife.

One the phone call I received, she told me that she wants to meet me personally. As a doctor, I thought may be some personal question as all ladies may have. So I told her to meet me in afternoon. She as not fatty an average beauty. Her figure is 34-28-32.She wore a black silky sari. She was very beauty conscious. She may weight upto 58 or 60 kg and 5.5”tall.
She reaches at 2 pm. I reached home after my duty to 1 pm. Afternoon I was free. As my 5 year old boy was in school and my Husband was on day duty till 5pm. Due to some reason I didn’t had my servant one that week. So there was only myself and Priya in room.

I gave her some soft drinks from fridge and we started to chat as usual. After some time I asked her what is her problem. I noticed some change in her facial expression when I ask this question. Soon she told her problem. She was really unsatisfied with her sexual life with her Husband. As a workaholic and very brilliant in studies he doesn’t know how to make a good sexual life. As a husband he was very much failure in bed. In all other monetary and family matters he was good. She was also didn’t known about how to make sex. So here both of them don’t know how to make sex. So she needed my help to make them a good sexual life. She had told her husband that she was not getting orgasm. And he too not gets proper relief.

She asked me”Aunty, I don’t know anything about sex. Can u plz tell me how it is? ” Hearing this I laughed. She was very free to me. I asked her “What all u want to know from me?” She told me frankly “How babies are born?” I told her that while men semen’s enters through women vagina during the time of sex making or love making. Then she asked me “What all are the Do’s and Don’ts of sex”.

Actually I was shocked. I got the idea that she doesn’t know anything about sex and I asked how u makes sex. She told me that it’s really painful and I am really fed up with his activities. I asked her whether U told all these to ur Husband. Then she told me that she had discussed with her husband and with his permission she reached here today. Then I got idea about what is their problem.

I asked her how u makes sex. She told me that when he has mood he will tell me that he wants me today. So we will move to bed and he will enter his 8 inch penis in to my vagina. I was really shocked when I heard about 8 inch cock. My husband has only 6 inch. So I thought what a lucky girl she was? But the things are going like this………

He is complaining that I have some physical problem, that’s why I am not getting relief. She told me that she has no problem. But I had a desire in my mind to “SEE HER”. So I asked her that I want to have a check up her right now. Firstly she refused. But I told her that I am doctor and you are consulting with a doctor. So as a doctor I want to have a check up now.
She agreed and I took her to my bedroom. I told her to take a quick bath.

I gave her a towel. Then I sat in front of my TV in my bed room. After a 10 min. she opened the door of bathroom and at this time she was wearing her bra and panty covered by the towel which I had offered her.
She was really shy at that time. I told her to lie on the bed. She obeyed. Then I went to near her body and sat near her. I told her that I am going to remove her towel. She allowed me. Then I saw he semi-nude body. What a structure was it? She was extremely good in this dress.

She looked more beautiful in that dress. Her breasts were really perfect figure. Her navel was very beautiful and bigger than me. She wore a black color panty and black color brassieres which looks her very very sexy as she was wheatish in color. I said her that I am going to remove her panty also. Then she agreed and I slowly removed it. I saw her cunt. It was hairy there. Then I told her that “U have to clean the unwanted hairs”. She asked me that whether every women do it. I said it is more hygienic and now days every women will do this. Some times husband may tell not to clean there. Some husbands like it.

So I told her to use any good hair remover creams for this. She agreed. Her Vagina was small. I told her that I am going to touch there. And I touched her hairy cunt with my fingers. Then I put one of my middle fingers in to her vagina. But she told that it may pain. So I said that there is one method for pain relief. How can I show u that as you are also women? Then she told me “Aunty, plz tell to me or show it on me. I won’t misunderstand u” plz aunty’. Then I told her to remove her bra also. She did it.

Really she was a goddess. Her areola is not bigger than me. I told her that “Think me as husband –Rajeev. What ever I am doing on you was actually doing by Rajeev. Are u ready for that?” She said “OK”. Now I got the permission. I started to kiss in her lips. Firstly she hesitates but after continuous 5 min she was also interested. I started to suck her tongue. Now I noticed her changes in her. Her hairs on hand got straighten. This gives me a green signal to move forward. I slowly move to her neck.

There I found out her most sexually part of mostly every women. It really works. Then I told her that I am going to remove my Sari and want to be like you (naked). She has some shyness in her eyes. I can understand her feeling really from her eyes. I slowly undressed. She then covered her body with a blanket. Soon I too undressed. I saw that she was eagerly looking to my body which gave me more encouragement. Soon when I removed my panty, I noticed changes in her face because I had a shaved pussy.

I told her that “U also have to be like this from today onwards.” She agreed.
Then I move slowly to the bed and again started to kiss her. Now she was also in great mood and she started to suck my lips and then my tongue. Then I caught her breast. It was very plumy and smooth. I understand that he hadn’t played much with that. Or he don’t know how to use and make sex using this beautiful breasts. I slowly started to press her breasts.

Then she asked me “Whether all men do like this. And her Husband hadn’t cared it”. I feel pity to that man. Then I slowly started to take her nipples in to my mouth. It was brown in color and mine is dark brown. She was feeling this for the first time in her life. I started to suck it really hard. Then I told her” Do the same here also”. Slowly she caught my breasts and started to care it smoothly.

After a 10 min of sucking her nipples I heard some moaning sounds from her mouth. Her breathing had increased and her heart beat had also increased. I slowly took my one hand to her cunt and slowly touched on her “lips”. It was really wet by this time. I slowly parted her lips with my fingers and slowly touched inside. I found that her fingers started to running through my head and hair. Then I slowly touched her G-spot. When I touched her she moaned “aunty, I am feeling something great”.

Then I told her to enjoy the next steps too. I slowly move my tongue to her cunt. As it was hairy I felt a tempting smell in her even after bath. I slowly began to lick her cunt with my lips. She was now in really mood. With my two fingers a parted her cunt lips and started to lick there. I can hear some sounds from her mouth. Then I slowly inserted my middle finger inside her. With a great pleasure she began to moan really hard. I then understand that she is now moving to great pleasure. Then I started to move my finger in her cunt in to and fro motion.

As my speed increased, she loaded cum in to my hands with making very loud voice. I slowly inserted my two fingers in to her. As it was lubricated, my fingers went inside very easily. I again did on her. Now I can see her really wet and I with my tongue drank all that in her cunt. Her cunt smell was really different not as mine. I liked it very much.

Then I asked her ‘How was it?’ She told me that she hadn’t got this much pleasure in her life time. I said her that sex is one think to enjoy. There is no Do’s and Don’ts in sex. But doing sex must be looking through the partner’s interest only. She then started to look at my cunt and she found it different from her and as I am a mother of a kid and it is not as small as her. She asked me “Does your husband do all these?” I told ‘yes’.

I told her not to tell what ever happened here to anyone even her husband. She also took promise from me. But after a week I again got a call from her that she and her husband wants to meet me. I thought they are coming to me for thanks giving. But I was wrong. She had told every thing to her husband and even though he is not more aware of sex. So he wanted me to explain it to him. I was really shocked. But suddenly I thought of his 8 inch cock ;P