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Hi I am Shama from Karnataka this is my first story here. This is a true lesbian sex experience with my cousin sister and how she fulfilled my sexual desires. I came from an orthodox family. There is too much restriction in the family and there is restricting to play with the friends. My parents got me a laptop when I was in 10th Standard. In the beginning I used this pc to work for my studies and later when I get net connection and I started to chat and watch porn video till late night.

This given raised for heavy sex feeling. Therefore I used to watch more lesbian seen and by that I prefer myself as lesbian. From my collage life daily I am watching the dream of sex with my close girl friends. But I did not get a chance to express my feeling with any one of the friends.

After my school I went to Bangalore. there I got admission in a reputed master degree collage. In the beginning I used to stay in the PG. But the food items were not so much comfortable. Therefore, I requested my parents to arrange a single room and finally got a room in an apartment.

One of my aunty is staying at Jayanagara. He invited me to his house for dinner. So one Friday I gone there at around 4 pm. We talked all family matter and at the meanwhile calling bell ranged and aunty open the door and it was her daughter Shamitha( name changed) She was in her 10th class. She come and sit in front of me. While she was removing her show unfortunately my looks peep inside her skirt. It was the first time my mind follow towards lesbian sex.

From that day itself I only start to watch her dream. But I don’t know how to execute my lesbian desire . I start to visit her home thrice a week. One fine day I taken her number and she also taken my number. I asked her whether she is having boy friend. She told no no… she is not interested in this age. She asked me why I asked this question. I told, even I don’t have.

Simple sitting in room is boring lets chat. She happily agreed. From that day onwards we used to chat daily and day by day it become one of our daily needs. While chatting I am rubbing my clit and imaging her pussy. One day I purchased some bra and panties and informed her that I got purchase. She told she want to see it . Therefore I send its pic through an messenger. She loved pink colour she told.

I asked her whether she wore bra. She told not tried but interested. I told I am giving one to you and she agreed and next day I visited her and handover one set of bra.

On that night I start to chat. At 8 pm after finishing her home work she sit to chat. She asked me how is the new dress. I told it is too perfect and smooth and in return I asked her how is yours. She told not tired. I asked her to try. She reply told she will try that night.

At 10.30 pm I got sms and she told bra is too smooth and panty too. I told her wait I am trying and I also wored a new maroon cooler dress. Wow I felt little tight. I sent a message that mine is little tight. She told hers is little ok. I asked her can you send me your picture and I will send mine and also promised that it will be with us only. She agreed and asked asked mine. So I put a camera and took some of my pic.

In that time I got her MMS. I say wow she is wonderful milky white skin with perfect small small boobs. Her ass is like pillow and want to touch it and in mind I thought my dream become true. She commented on my pic amazing figure and like my naval also commented that milky boobs . In reply I asked her can I see your back side means ass. She agreed and shown her and in return she want to see my cleavage. So I shown.

I taken little courage and asked want to see more? She told no mom may come. I told both we are female and why we need to shy. ? she is silent and not get any sms.

On that day night at 12 I got her sms and she replied she is alone in room. I told mee too. I asked her … I want to touch your ass will you allow me. She told when you come I will allow you. In return I asked any thing you want. She said no.

After two day I gone to her home and she come to home at 4.30 pm. I gone behind her to her room and said your ass is super. She smiled in shy and taken other matter. At that time I was little wet and desire to touch her ass. But I don’t know how to initiate. Therefore I asked her to turn. She told mom may come and ran to dining table. In the mean while aunty called me for tea and I went to down. At that time she is having Tiffin. I sit in the corner of the table and aunt served coffee and told she is going to market and will be back in few movement. I agreed and sit to have UPMA. Aunty went and locked the door from outside.

She saw me… and said mom went. I asked her .. you have cheated me what you offer you not given to me. She smiled and come to me and stand beside me. I take courage and asked.. Will you dear? She saw home once and turned by silently giving signal. Really my nipple get erected and but also I asked can i? She told ok but fast mom may come any time.

It was my first time I am touching another girl. Just I placed my hand between her thigh wow so soft… moved upward. ….. felt hot. Cupped her ass firm and she is feeling too. Just start to massage it slowly. I asked her how you feeling dear. She told she is hot little. Initially I start to massage little lower side and from back side I cupped her pussy. She said …mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ….. haaaa stopped to sip tea and my juices start to flow. ….. her panty is wet some what and taken back my hand.

She saw me and told any thing wrong. I told I got mood. She told me too that she got mood. I asked any thing you want to ask…. She laughed and told she want to touch boobs. I told it is yours…. You can ,…. She turned to me and placed hand on by boobs. A current passed in my body…. Pressed it …. In both hand and continued. I told I am wet. She told she is also wet. I asked her can I see your nude ass. She saw me… and without saying any thing just gone to room and shut the door. I thought she might anger.

After 10 minute she called me and I gone to her room and she was laid on bed upside down and no panty. I saw her ass wow ….. I gone near to it and kissed it …. Laid next to her … asked her to turn.

She resisted me to see her front. So without hesitation I removed my full dress and become nuder and laid next to her. She saw me ….. and placed her hand … on my boobs… I asked her to turn. She woke up and turn to door side and called her mom and asked mom to bring Horlicks and kept phone and turned. I was shocked she is having good figure and pubic hairs is not yet come fully and come near to me and slept.

I saw her boobs and toched it and picher her nipples and without wasting of time I sucked it … she tightly hold my head to it and she told she love it and want to do more….. So continued to do…. She felt little pain and in the mean while I put my hand on her pussy. Try to insert my figure it was too tight and therefore start to rub. By this she become like mad horse and start to moan like mmmm… hhahhaha yes yes yes yes ……………. Unnnaaaaaa more and more.

I put my boobs in her moth she start to suck it like a small baby and my juices are flowed all over… I asked her to lick but she hesitated to lick…. I told it is common but she never licked. Instead of that I come near to her pussy and its spell is too good.. just opent its lips and saw… pink inside… I touched my tongue to it… felt salty and but juice is little thick and started licked her small pussy.. mmmm… hhahhaha yes yes yes yes ……………. Unnnaa which become more wet by her juice and my salvia….

She start to moan more and more and hold my head to her pussy tightly and told I am pissing I am pissing.. but I never left her licked like a cat….. she flowed her first orgasm in my moth and tired…. She told she don’t have any power in her thigh. I told it is nothing… if boy fuck you then what you say….. and I wore my dress and come and sit in hall… she come slowly and sit beside me. I asked her to my boobs till her mom come. She laid on my thigh and start to suck one by one.. .really I enjoyed a lot!

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