Sex with servant

Hi readers, my name is Kiran from Pune. This story is about my friend Rajith and Geeta(servant). Rajith is in my class and is 21 years old. He is a horny guy and if given a chance would like to ball all the females around. His household has employed the services of a housemaid for the past five years. Her name is Geeta. She is a dark well proportionate woman of around 30 years. She has a very well developed ass & nice suckable ample breasts. She has two children of five and seven years respectively.

She lives in a near by colony and comes to Rajith’s house daily by 8.00 a.m. Geeta’s husband is a car mechanic by profession and is a habitual drinker. These both have frequent fights. Rajith was a handsome guy and always had a secret desire to enjoy & ravish Geeta’s body. Whenever she came to clean his room with the broom, he always used to eye her shaking ass and those wonderful watermelons on her chest.

Once while Rajith was having his bath, he had forgotten to take his towel and asked Geeta to fetch it. When Geeta stretched out her hand through the bathroom door to give him the towel, Rajith pulled her inside the shower and asked her to take a bath with him. By now Geeta who was in a yellow saree & white blouse was totally drenched. Rajith seeing her in this erotic pose pulled her saree.

Once her water drenched white blouse was seen , Rajith could not believe his eyes.. Geeta had not worn a Bra, her two black nipples could clearly be seen through the blouse. In his estacy, he tried to grab her lemons. By now Geeta had recovered from Rajith’s initial assault and slapped Rajith hard on the cheek. She angrily told him that she was a married woman with two kids and this sort of antic was not acceptable to her. She went out leaving Rajith stunned.

After this incident Rajith did not trouble her for the next two months. In the meantime Geeta’s drunkard husband had left her for some other woman. Rajith’s parents gave Geeta and her children shelter in their small outhouse. Geeta came to Rajith one day and asked him to admit her two children in a government school, as she was illiterate. Rajith went along with her children to the school. In the application form, when the father’s name was asked to be filled, Geeta flatly refused to take the name of her husband. Seeing no other way out, Rajith put his name as the children’s father. The admission was made and they returned home.

This incedent made Rajith very horny as officially he was the children’s father & Geeta their mother. This meant that Geeta was his wife. The next day Rajith came to me for suggestions. I told him to attack on Geeta’s weakness i.e. that her husband was disloyal and not fit for her. Rajith took my advice and waited for the right time. After a week or so, Rajith’s parents had to go out of station for three days. This meant that Rajith was going to be alone with Geeta for three full days!!!!.

At around 7.00p.m, Rajith went to Geeta’s room. He started casually talking with her. Soon the topic moved on to her husband and Rajith started saying that for a great female like her, what was done is a great injustice Etc. Slowly he also started telling her that in her jawaan age she needed a man at her bedside every night. He caught hold of her hand and pleaded that she accept him as her man. She started protesting and Rajith reminded her that he had done a great service to her children by becoming their father in the official school registers.

He also told that for a treacherous guy like her husband, she had to carry out an affair with him to teach that asshole a lesson. Rajith then went on to remove his lungi to show her his excited manhood in full glory. Geeta was eyeing his penis in a lustful manner and was starting to see reason. He reminded her that without his household she would be roaming the streets with her children. He told her to make up her mind and come to his room by 9.00 p.m after putting her children to sleep.

Rajith knew that he had her in a bind and that she would surely become his tonight. He prepared his room tastefully and went on to have a bottle of beer. At around 8.45 p.m, there was a knock at the door. Rajith opened it to find Geeta standing out in a red saree with matching blouse. He ushered he inside and told her he truly loved her. He led Geeta to his room and told her that this was her second “first night”. Geeta silently told him that she was becoming his only for the sake of her children.

Rajith brushed aside her apprehensions and led her to his bed. Rajith took her full lips and laid her on the bed. He was kissing her cheeks and went on to suck her mouth. He was now fully charged up and asked her to stand so that he could remove her saree. He went on to strip her out of the saree. Geeta was now standing in only her blouse and petticoat and he was already squeezing her melons. Rajith made her lie down and started removing her hooks from her blouse. After removing the hooks he divested her of her blouse and she was clad only in her white bra and pettycoat.

Rajith started licking her black valley between the Bra. His hands were moving to untie the knots of the petty coat. By now Geeta also was getting aroused and she took Rajith’s tool in her hand and was rubbing it. As he was removing her petticoat he could see the black pubic hair on her cunt, this aroused him further and made him remove the bottom piece fully. Now Geeta’s cunt was in full view and the animal instinct of Rajith rose he attacked the black cherry with his tongue. He was sucking her cunt lips and was probing the tongue to go further deep.

All this action made Geeta to respond and she was shaking with anticipation. Rajith’s hands had by now torn the Bra from her body and the breasts were seen in full glory. Geeta was nearing her climax and started pulling at Rajith’s hair crying out in passion. White sweet liquid of her cunt juices now filled Rajith’s quivering mouth. Rajith went up further and started to suck her large melons. His lungi was now open and Geeta helped him out of his brief.

His tool was in a frenzied state and was erect, ready to ejaculate. He then guided his loaded missile in to the burning cunt of his new sex slave. He inserted his unsheathed monster fully, deep towards her womb and started riding her with passion. Geeta also responded to his onslaught and her tight cunt gave way to this new tool. Both of them enjoyed their bouts of sex with uncared frenzy. Rajith came thrice inside her cunt that night.

Both of them slept in each other’s arms and Rajith was extremely happy that at last he was able to enjoy Geeta’s body in full. The next morning after Geeta had dressed and left to her outhouse, Rajith was in an ecstatic mood as his tool had fully serviced a needy, wanting woman’s cunt. After this incident, Rajith was fully in control of Geeta and her body. He used to have sex with her everyday and she was virtually his sex slave ready to do his bidding at any given time.