My Bhabi & My friend

This is a real life incident I must share with you guys. My brother stays in Bangalore with his wife and 3 year old kid. I study in Pune. This incident occurred when I along with my very good friend and roommate Kishore had gone to Bangalore for a management exam. We were staying at my brother’s house. We reached Bangalore by train in morning. However my brother had to leave for Bombay the same day on a business meeting and was supposed to come back after three days. This left Kishore and me alone with bhabhi [sister-in-law] and the kid. My bhabhi is an extremely sexy woman. she was thin earlier but after the kid she has put on weight in the right places. she has big tits, which are only slightly sagging, and she has a big round ass. Above all she is very fair. I have been trying to fuck her for a long time but she has never given me a chance and i’ve only managed to feelup her tits and ass on the sly.

However Kishore is a different kettle of fish altogether and he has fucked many married women in Pune. the looks he was giving bhabhi showed that he wanted to screw her badly. Another thing is that Kishore is extremely frank with me and he has told me stories that how he has fucked his own sister and how he used to secretly watch his mother being screwed by two of his neighbors [ details of this story next time] so Kishore told me that he found my bhabhi extremely fuckable and he badly wanted to screw her. I asked him to forget it as bhabhi wore iron panties. He asked me to have a bet with him and he said that with my help he would not only fuck her himself but also make me fuck her.

I readily agreed to the proposal already aroused by the prospect of socking into my prim and proper bhabhi. After that Kishore started flirting with bhabhi and she took it jokingly even though I could make out she was enjoying the attention she was getting. In evening she asked me what kind of person Kishore was. I told her that he was a proper ladies man and had scored with many women in Pune [as instructed by Kishore] after that I could see bhabhi’s attitude change and she also started mild flirtation with Kishore. After dinner I pretended that I was sleepy and went of to sleep. Kishore said that he would hang on and watch some TV. Bhabhi also went of to put the baby to bed. After that she came back to watch some more TV. By then she had changed into a slinky a slinky black nighty in which the outline of her ass and tits could clearly be made out. I realized that I was going to lose the bet. I began to secretly watch from the window. As bhabhi came in Kishore gave her a proper look over and told her that she was looking very sexy.

Bhabhi showed some mock anger however Kishore kept on praising her and then she smiled and said that he was a very naughty guy. At this Kishore got up and kissed bhabhi on the lips. Initially she protested but Kishore kept on kissing her and fondling her tits. She then gave a soft sigh and started kissing Kishore back. After a long kiss they started taking off their clothes Kishore took off bhabhi’s nighty and bra and left her panties on. He stripped himself and his eight-inch cock sprang to attention. Bhabhi was looking extremely sexy with just a flimsy panty covering her big ass and her milky white tits being sucked by Kishore. She was also rubbing Kishore’s dick.

Then she got down on her knees and took Kishore’s dick in her mouth. I could never imagine that my religious bhabhi could be such a slut. She kept on sucking him and all of a sudden Kishore gave a big groan and started coming in bhabhi’s mouth. When she tried to take her mouth away he held her by hair and forced her to swallow the cum it was so much that some of it came out of the side of her mouth. After Kishore was fully drained he let go of her hair and flopped back on the sofa. I could see that bhabhi was extremely aroused and she started rubbing her pussy from top of her panties. It was time for me to make a grand entry. I took of my clothes and walked in with a big erection even though my cock was a good two inches shorter than Kishore’s. Bhabhi was initially shocked to see me but she was so forgone with lust that she didn’t bother and kept rubbing her cunt. I knelt beside her and kissed her and I could taste Kishore’s cum on her lips. Then I slowly went down to her crotch and pulled down her panties. I saw her wet juicy cunt and almost went mad with lust.

I applied my tongue to her cunt and she began grinding her crotch on my face. I gave her a few playful bites on the labia and she was sopping wet within seconds she had an orgasm. By this time Kishore’s cock was back in shape and he joined us on the carpet ed floor. He spread her legs wide and entered her, bhabhi started giving small animal like moans. I then paid attention to her tits and started biting and sucking them. After pumping her for some time Kishore withdrew and asked me to fuck my own bhabhi. I put my dick at the entrance of her cunt and pushed inside. My cock was smoothly gobbled by her hungry cunt after giving a few strokes I couldn’t control myself and started coming inside her this drove bhabhi over the edge and she also had an orgasm. The moment I withdrew Kishore turned bhabhi on her knees and started fucking her doggy style.

It was indeed a great moment seeing my prim and proper bhabhi being fucked like a bitch by a friend of mine. This time they came simultaneously and crashed on the carpet beside me. I took bhabhi in my arms and started kissing her madly. After our lust subsided we lay naked in each others arms and bhabhi told us of her other sexual exploits after marriage which established her as a horny slut.