Seducing cousin sister by sex stories

Hi to all. I am Kiran from Mumbai. From many days I have been reading sex-stories. There is a little description of mine; I am 20 years old now. The incident happened two months ago. I have a sister (cousin) who was 21 years old. She was very sexy. She has big boobs and has very large ass. She can arouse my sexual-thinks at any times. From very beginning I was keen to fuck her, but I didn’t had the courage to express my dream. Most of the time I thought how could I fuck her or get close to her. Suddenly I had an idea. I went to her and propose her a story (adult).

The subject of the story was two-brother and sister sex. After reading that she looked at me with a confused eyes. Then she told me either it was a true story. I told any thing could possible in the world. After few days she called me at my home and told me to bring more stories for her. I gave her many brother sister cases again. I was waiting for her green signal. One day we all went to her home because it was her little brother’s birthday. Every one was enjoying the party.

But she was busy talking with me all the time about them (stories). She asked how it was possible. Then I told her, if me and you have sex, then is it impossible? After I arose the question, she looked more confused. She told me how people feel when they have sex. In answer I told, “you can not understand without having sex and from my practical knowledge I can tell you that sex is fine”. Then she gave me the green signal by telling, “would you like to have sex with me?” Then I told, “no problem, when do you want to have it?” she told that she will call me when my uncle and aunt will not at home.

From that day I was very excited. Suddenly one day she called me and told me to her in her home. After that I rush to her. That day she was wearing a tight top and jeans. She was looking very sexy then. After looking at her my dick become angry. I could not hold it back. She told me to follow her and she was going to her room. After reaching there without any word she started to kiss me hard. I replied also hard. After few moments she took her hand in to my trouser. And started to rubbing my 5 inch dick.

Then I stared to kiss her again and rubbing her left breast. After 10 minutes I pulled out her top. She was wearing a red bra. It was looking really gorgeous. In reply she took my shirt & trouser out. I was only in underpants. But later she also dragged it out. I was fully naked. She started to suck my dick. Then my dick was getting larger and larger. I unhooked her bra and started to taste her big boobs. After 15 minutes I took her jeans and red panty off. Her cunt was cleanly shaved. Then I started to suck hardly her cunt’s lips and tasted her hot cum. It was very tasty.

Few minutes later she told me that she could not wait any more. So I stretched her legs and slowly pushed my dick in to her pussy. It was the finest moment of life. She was moaning loudly. After 15 minutes I was discharged. And started to kiss her pussy again. Few minutes later I got in full charge. This time I propose her that I want to fuck her ass. But she denied. I assure her that it would be fun. Then she was ready to done that action.

At first I tried to puss my rod in to her ass but I was failed. But I did not gave up. I rub oil on my dick and also in her ass hole. Then my dick entered to her ass. I started to fuck her in doggy style. She was crying in pain. But after some time she started to enjoy. Few minutes later we heard that calling bell was ranging. Then we quickly dressed up. And attended the door. It was my uncle & aunty. They were happy by seeing me, I told them that I came to collect my cousin’s old note books. Then I came out from their home to our.

It was really a good experience of my life. I will never forget about that incident.