Spying on my hot mom

I would always be wondering why I had friends that were in higher classes than I was. When I joined my new college second year, I had good contacts with the post graduate guys. There were four guys. I had their protection and that made me survive very easily in the new college. I would invite them home for snacks and that they all lived in the same colony made it easier. These guys would come home late in the evenings or early in the morning, I would study those times and they would help me with the assignments. My mother would make some snacks whenever they came and we all stayed in the study room.

Of late I was seeing that only one guy would sit with me while the other three would go out, they would lock the door from outside on the pretext that the noise of us studying shouldn’t go out. I didn’t mind it so much as my father was posted out of town and there was no one else in the house. One day as usual these guys came to the house early in the morning before college, we sat to study and immediately three guys went out, I got curious so I asked Prashant where they had gone, I think because he was pissed at not been taken along he said wait I will show you. We eased the bolt outside and got out.

What we saw shocked me. All three guys were standing in front of my moms room with their cocks out, they were shagging. They were so occupied that they didn’t notice me and Prashant come next to them .I looked in to see what was it that had turned them on. There my mom was lying on her back with one leg raised bent at the knee, her whole nightie had come up and her pussy was showing between her thick thighs. It was a sight, so cleanly shaved pink slit. I now understood why these guys would come to the house early in the morning .My mom was giving them free shows of her cunt and they would shag off.

When the guys realized I was there they were stunned. We did not speak a word and returned to the study room. Then Mahesh spoke up saying they were sorry, it was that way but they couldn’t help it. That my mom was so sexy that they were just looking at her and jacking off. I was feeling good that my mom was responsible for all the attention I was getting. Still upset the guys were trying to pacify me, then I said ok but this should not leak out.

Seeing that it seemed to be ok with me one of them said wait till you see what we have been seeing, that got me perked up, was there more? That night we gathered again as these guys could get into the house from my window at the back. I asked what the plan was they just said to wait. Anyways the bell rang and I went to open the door, this was uncle Murthy. Hell why was he here this would spoil all the plans. He was good though getting me stuff every time he came.

My mom came out to greet him and told me to go to bed as she had some work with him .I said ok and left the hall to go to my room. This is when everybody was ready they said no lets get back the fun is about to start. I didn’t know but just followed Mahesh as we went towards the back of the house. We have high walls so no one from outside can see us. Any ways we positioned ourselves from where we could look into my moms bedroom, I though again we were waiting for my mom to fall asleep so we could see her pussy.

Well surprise as my mom entered the room followed by murthy uncle. As soon as he had stepped inside my mom closed the door and locked it. She slipped off he pallu and opened her arms to murthy invitingly. My cock was so hard already. Murthy seemed very comfortable as he came and embraced her, with a lot of oh… aaah’s they started kissing. Murthy had his hands all over my mom. She looked a slut in heat with her boobs jiggling as she was fondled. They seem to come out of the top of her blouse.

Murthy was paying special attention to her jugs as he kissed the tops and put his nose in to her cleavage. Think it was too much for Murthy as he sat down on the bed; my mom was standing in front of him as he started pulling her sari. This made my mom turn around as the sari unfolded from her body. He threw the sari in a heap on the floor and pulled her closer. This way my mom was facing us and Murthy was sitting on the bed with his back towards us. He opened her blouse and squeezed her bra-covered tits.

My mom had such a blissful look on her face as all five of us got our cocks out to jerk off. It was getting too much to see my mom with her big humungous boobs nearly suffocating this man. Murthy seemed to get hungry ripping off her bra and getting the big areola in his mouth as soon as it appeared freed from the bra. With the other hand he was squeezing the left breast. My mom was holding him against her tits.

He then pushed her back a bit and admired her with only her petticoat on. He then started raising her petticoat above her milky thighs and to her waist. This was too good to be true, my mom with her petticoat bunched up at her waist with only her panty which he pulled down. And stuck his face right into her mound. Thought he wanted to enter her thru her cunt. In his excitement he bit her pussy lips as she shrugged him away for a minute.

Pulling his face away he inserted his finger into her cunt, shoving it right up. My mom bent forward to take off his pants, pulling out his dick to lick. After licking it a bit she swallowed the whole thing I guess the way Murthy gasped. It was so bad we couldn’t get to see what was going on as Murthy was blocking the view. Well not for long as she got up and put one leg on each side of Murthy straddling him.

She seemed to adjust his cock to penetrate her cunt hole with one hand as she caught him with the other. She was now sitting on his cock, and he was holding her, both stuck to each other. Murthy’s black body against my moms fair one looked incredible. Her heavy thighs around his back having a vice like grip. Soon she started bucking up and down, sliding her slit over his cock. Her eyes were closed with ecstasy or else she would have seen us.

It must have gone on for about 10 minutes when she started Cumming, as she held on tight. Murthy also was having an orgasm spitting his cum into my mom’s cunt hole. She got up first and took of for the bathroom as Murthy was wiping his cock. We had already dirtied the wall shooting off. Well this had been such a shock as well as a turn on. We did some planning to get her….

It will be another story.. Bye…