Journey to the mysterious world – Beginning

This is a true story of mine that unfolded a year ago. I was a new aspirant to the world of sex and seduction, was never indulged in erotic sex, other than a few hip-hops. I was 23 then, a final year college lad with good rappo among the gals at the campus. Ours was a joint family, my dad was the eldest and I had two chachas (uncles), both married and my dadi.

Though it was a joint family, there were no restrictions on any of us. There were frequent parties at home and we used to enjoy a lot on every occasion that we got. As my chacha (elder) did not have any child for more than four years of their marriage, they had extra love and care for me and called me ‘ashi’, my chachi (aunt) sapna who was 31 then loved me more than anyone else.

I was the favorite of all for all my naughtiness and jokes that I said. I had lost my mom and hence was very much attached to my elder chachi sapna. My chachi always used to praise me, saying that I was really handsome and I can get any gal at the campus and then I used to tell her how gorgeous she looks…if I was not her bhatija (nephew).. I would have married her at first sight. We were really friendly and never took anything seriously. At times we even had opportunities to brush along our sides but without knowledge of it and never had even a sense of what was happening.

One day in the evening, when chachi was in the verandah, reading some books, I happened to pass through. She was wearing a white shirt and denim jeans. I saw her and wished, she asked me that the tea is ready and if I need then it were on the table. I took the cup of tea, and the newspaper lying on the table and sat in the verandah adjacent to the sofa on which chachi was sitting. As I was reading the newspaper, I happened to look at her, and saw that she was busy going through the book (may be some movie magazine).

I thought not to disturb her, but then something started to disturb and distract me from reading the newspaper. I could see that the shirt chachi was wearing was rather too tight for her size (she had a neat shape) as I saw that the button at the chest was open and her upper breasts were clearly visible (u know the line of separation of the two breasts). It was common that whenever she was on a sari a part of the upper breast skin was visible, but this I thought was something more than what I was used to.

Well, to be frank I did admire her body for maintaining such a beautiful figure, but that I kept to myself. She always used to walk straight, with the tip of her nipples standing right in front, neatly packed boobs and the fleshy thighs which were wrapped tight with the jeans she wore. She had everything that a man could fantasize about.

I saw her still busy with the book and so I kept quite. But I started to get a jerk in my pants and that kept me peeping through her shirt. Chachi saw me making movements and that made her turn to me. She saw me gazing her, but she smiled and turned again to the book in her hand. I was getting excited by the sight of her, I wanted that to go for a long time. But I wanted more, I asked her: “chachi itni der se kya pad rahi ho… Kuch interesting hai kya???” She said: “kuch nahi yaar! Just the filmy gossip…” I wanted to get near to her somehow…

I stood up and went and stood in front of her, from where I could see her boobs more clearly. I asked: “chachi, whats new in bollywood…?” She said reading: “wohi sab bakwas, kuch naya nahi…” I was staring at her boobs thru the shirt, I could see her tight bra, a ‘D’ I thought, which lifted her boobs to the top of her shirt. I could feel that my cock was getting hard and would anytime be searching for space. I was getting more curious of what her boobs looked like, I sat next to her and said: chachi, mujhe bhi to dena, let me have luck…. I tried to sit as close to her so that I can peep through her shirt and her tight bra.

She gave me the book and asked me to read something in it, which seemed to be interesting. She was sitting with cross legs towards my side with both her hands clamped on her thighs; she was leaning forward towards the direction of the book. I was sitting straight, now I could see almost all her boobs from the edge of her nipples. That aroused me; my body was getting hot, as I could feel heat waves passing in my groins. I was feeling a bit nervous then, as it was the first time ever that I happened to see her secret parts secretly.

My cock was now all hard and rearing to come out of my pants. I was keeping the book on my laps to hide the hard cock from being noticed by chachi, but whenever the hard cock jerked inside my pants, it made a slight movement of the book. I tried hard to control myself, but that sight of chachi added more footage to the already rock hard cock. The book was now making frequent movements, in response to the jerks of my cock, I was getting more nervous, thinking that if chachi notices that then she would think so wrong of me.

She was laughing reading to something very interesting in the book. I lifted the book upwards to keep my cock movements unnoticed. Now chachi had come closer to me, as she leaned towards my shoulder to read the book in my hand, I could feel her boobs touching my body. That was too much, I started breathing fast, I could feel the heat coming from her body… and also her nipples were hard as I could feel that by my touch.

She kept reading from page to page, but never moved away from the position she was sitting, in fact she was more in contact with me, just a few inches away from my thirsty lips. A few seconds later, I could feel slow movements of her chest on my arm. Like she was rubbing her boobs on my arm that was a surprise to me… I could feel the now hardened nipples rubbing my arm.

I tried to be calm, as though unknown to what was going on. But when I tried to distance myself from her, somehow her hand that was on her thighs touched my cock, which was now standing high and hard as rock. That sent electric shocks all over my body but both of us tried to be unnoticed. Now I could feel her heat and her breath, she kept quite like she knew nothing, busy reading the filmy fundas.

I thought to move away but I had guilt in my mind, I didn’t want chachi to see my cock standing straight, as that could be visible if I try getting up. I thought of keeping cool, but things seemed to have already heated up. I noticed that chachi was playing with the gold chain on her neck that was long till the upper core of her boobs. She was now pulling the chain in and out of her shirt into her teeth, still making slow movements of her body, pressing her boobs to my forearm. Now her head was almost like resting on my shoulder, a point through which I could see all her boobs, I could feel her soft ass touching my thighs and the heat of her lions.

This was getting more excited, both of us, quietly relishing the act of intimacy and eroticism. This went on for a few minutes, during which I occasionally pressed her boobs with my forearm, and she pressed it hard against it, sometimes she lifted her hands from her thighs as if to make some movements and ending up touching my hard cock. It was now clear that we both knew what was on and those we enjoyed it silently.

Her breath was getting higher as our shoulders touched each other’s and there was no space between our thighs, pressing hard against each other. Her nipples were hard and erect now, piercing against the tight bra and the transparent white shirt. I was now relaxing against the sofa, I felt my hands tired, but didn’t want to move away from the soft touch of her hot boobs. I tried to go on, but my hands were paining for I had kept them in air for a long time now (for about 20 minutes)

I finally put the book on my lap again, but this time the book was not flat, as my rock hard cock was straight above. Chachi saw that I had an erection, but kept quite, she even seemed to enjoy the quite erotic scene, which was on. But now things started to pick up pace… chachi bent down to have a close look at the paragraph she was reading (actually she wanted to have a close feel of my erect cock) relaxing back I could see her boobs pleading to be let free. She pointed at something written on the page with a finger of her left hand that was besides me.

The paragraph she pointed was just above the erect cock under my pants. As she started to read pointing her finger on the text, my cock started to rise against the touch of her finger on the book. She felt my rise and to my surprise pressed her palm against it, but my cock kept on climbing upwards and she started pressing it harder and harder. I could feel the heat rushing in my groins as I saw her crossing her legs tighter. I would have cum anytime now, but I controlled hard not to, as that would be a real mess I thought.

But she kept her palm pressing hard against my cock to the extent that the book slipped away in the front and my cock came to one side of the book standing high from under my pants. Now it was clearly visible, I saw chachi’s hand that was pressing hard against my cock, slip away too along with the book and at that instance breathing heavily she looked at me, like she was caught doing something wrong. She still kept quite, but now was aware that I knew what was going on. We never said anything to each other and kept glaring at the book. But now that everything was in open, she was becoming a bit nervous.

She went back and freed her jammed legs, I had a glance at the point of intersection of her thighs, but there was no sign of any wet on her pants. She is not over yet I thought. That cheered me up and encouraged me to go further. I kept quite for a few seconds and then tried to make her feel relaxed. I said: chachi yeh dekho, kya likha hai salman ke bare main.. as she was a fan of salman khan.. hearing me she again bent forward to have a look at it, I could still feel her heat, but my rock hard cock had slowly started to drop down. I wanted to do something that could make me arouse again. I sat more closer to her this time, there was no response from her of gong back, our shoulders touched again and simultaneously the heat waves started flowing between us.